mercredi 22 juillet 2015

Hello, and Welcome !

Hello !

And welcome in my new virtuel home !

Please sit down, make yourself comfortable, and have a nice cup of tea ... or whatever you want !

Few weeks ago, as I was looking for ideas for home organizing, I discovered many websites and Youtube channels about planners, journaling, craft, Hobonichi, Fauxbonichi, Smashbooks, Sketch books, Midori etc ... a fantastic world of creativity and stationery.

I'm really enthousiastic, and if I'm not yet really organized, I would really like to improve myself and share with you !

I'm French, but as I watch many English or American Youtube channels, I'll try to write each post once in english, once in french. So please forgive my broken englisk, lol !

Thanks for reading, and hope to share soon !

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