mardi 22 mars 2016

Home organization : kitchen cabinet for frying pans, pans and pan lids


I've just reorganized one of my kitchen lower cabinet, where I used to store  pans, frying pans, pans for "french pancakes" (crêpes)  and pan lids.

I used to store my pans on the top shelf, and my frying pans and "pancakes pans" on the shelf below.
I stored my lids where I could, on the top shelf or below, but it quickly became a mess.

Then I decided to store the small and middle size frying pans on the top shelf, with the pans.

I put the large frying pan and the pancakes pans below .

On the top shelf, I had some place to add a plastic box where I store : sponges (new ones), cooking foils, zipper bags and future garbage bags. all these items were stored in another closet.

For the lids, I used a wooden box (it was a gift box for a bottle of wine :-) and I bought a little metallic shelf at the supermarket. I put the large pan on it, with the large grease safety screen cover.
Just below : the "pancakes pans".

In the second closet, where I used to store cooking foils, zipper bags, etc... I now keep milk and milk breads,brioche... just below I store cereals.

 And in the drawer just above, I store my new electronic scales and my current pack of garbage bags.

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